The Supply Chain Clinic’s Proprietary Business Maturity Assessment

Supply chain planning plays a critical role in an organization’s overall success and bottom line results.

This self-assessment was designed by The Supply Chain Clinic to evaluate your company’s level of supply chain planning maturity. It will help flag the pain points or gaps in your supply chain planning as well as in people skills and capabilities, and spot the inefficiencies that are costing your company money or resources. Furthermore, it will point out improvement opportunities across your supply chain planning, that would positively impact your overall supply chain operations, resulting in financial benefits.

Whether your business is in the process of getting structured, or you are thinking about how to further scale it, the maturity assessment shall be a good starting point to take your supply chain planning to the next maturity phase.

The assessment is made of two efficient steps:

  1. Complete the online questionnaire (5-10 min)
  2. Review your results

Taking the time to closely examine the planning practices of your business is the first step to unlock its unrevealed potential.

The Supply Chain Clinic’s Proprietary Business Maturity Assessment covers the following areas:

Each category consists of a block of statements that you are required to rate.

Choose whether you Strongly agree, Somewhat disagree, Neither disagree nor agree, Somewhat agree or Fully agree with the statement.

In the last question of each category, you are required to provide a short text answer.

Confidentiality: All the information you provide in this questionnaire will be kept confidential; your information will not be disclosed to third parties.

what if your supply chain planning became your competitive edge?