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Supply chain planning plays a critical role in an organization’s overall success and bottom line results. A well-developed and effectively running planning process holds many benefits for the entire organization.

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As niche experts, we find solutions to your most burning challenges:

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We use A proprietary methodology to achieve business excellence
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We bring international insight, skill set and expertise to your location.

People & process focused

We combine coaching and consulting for maximum results.

Tailor-made solutions

We do not copy-paste our result-oriented solutions.


We deliver more than slide decks: rely on us from the assessment to the implementation and follow up.

Sustainable results-driven

We do not only address the symptoms but provide solutions for tomorrow.


We design and implement simple solutions to solve complex issues.

We don’t cost you money, we make you money

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Frequently asked questions

Our consultancy is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We serve clients primarily in Malaysia and in South East Asia.

Yes, as soon as travel restrictions will be lifted, we will be happy to work on site at your location.

Projects usually last between 2 and 6 months, depending on their complexity and the client’s team involved.

Before every assignment, we agree on a set of relevant key performance indicators, and we set the baseline. The results are measured against the baseline.

Our supply chain consultants have experience in optimizing extended supply chain operations, supporting local teams on site and overseas teams remotely.

For maximum impact, our services will be combined according to the specific needs and goals to reach.


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